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World-class Online Spanish Tutoring

Fast-track your language learning using private Spanish tutoring with a dedicated teacher. Get a curriculum that’s custom built for your specific goals and interests.

What Is Global Spanish?

An extraordinary group of individuals dedicated to teaching YOU Spanish

What we offer

The Best Spanish Language School

When you learn with us, not only will you speak the language FAST... But you will also enjoy the process. This is our promise to you.

Years of Teaching Experience
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Why Private Spanish Tutoring?

Every student we work with has a unique set of goals, interests, and optimal learning style. Get a continuously evolving curriculum that is custom built at the individual level. It’s more fun and engaging, and you’ll learn as fast as humanly possible.

Structured support

Our world-class teachers know how to move at your pace and provide encouragement you need, so learning isn’t overwhelming.

Perfect Curriculum™ process

Get a curriculum built for you. Every single lesson and activity is carefully selected to best suit your individual needs for success.

Ongoing assessment

We conduct regular assessments to improve your curriculum based on your academic results and make classes as fun as possible.

Get a personalized certificate of achievement

Every subscription comes with a complimentary certificate to verify your level in Spanish. Just take our level assessment and we’ll provide a certificate you can use to help advance your professional career!

Join our self-led academy and learn Spanish 24/7 like a pro

All group classes and private tutoring subscriptions allow you to download tons of awesome curriculum material. To step it up a notch, join the SpanishVIP Academy. Try our guides, interactive videos, audio activities, and more. Study as much as you want, whenever you want. Built by our star teachers, it’s insanely fun and at your pace.


What our students say

These lessons are my first experience in Spanish. While learning Spanish I am learning culture with Alix, she is like a friend. Also, all the team is really kind.

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My teacher is friendly and patient, which really helps me gain confidence in speaking in Spanish. I can tell my speaking and reading comprehension have improved drastically since I’ve started.

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Honestly, amazing. I am very happy to have found Global Spanish. Having the 101 classes has been super helpful to improve my Spanish quickly. Highly recommended!

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How Do Private Classes Work?

On your first class, you’ll be assigned a Student Success Advisor who will work as the bridge between you and your teacher. This white-glove experience ensures you learn as fast as possible. Get expert support and deeply personalized attention.

Discover our other Spanish programs

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be lonely or boring. Practice with peers in a group setting while enjoying activity and game filled lessons. Take unlimited classes for one monthly subscription.

Academy™ allows you to learn Spanish 24 hours a day with our self-led learning platform. Games, quizzes, our tutorbot Eva, and more await.