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Striving to Guarantee Success in Your Journey Into Spanish

What makes Global Spanish unique is our extraordinary team of individuals, who from Student Support and Recruitment, to Curriculum Creation and Education, have been delivering outstanding service for our students in the last few years.

Every day, we put our dedication and expertise into achieving success on our students’ learning journey. We’re passionate for what we do and we are always learning new ways to deliver an exceptional service. At Global, we have overcome challenges that others consider impossible and have found happiness in our students’ feedback, which motivates us to keep working hard.

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Why People Choose Us

Language immersion is an individual experience

At Global Spanish, we make sure yours is fulfilled with a meaningful cultural exchange where a complex language such as Spanish becomes a reference of friendship and freedom of expression. This has been the key to success in our students learning path, and how we make the difference.

No matter who you are and what are your motivations! We create a welcoming environment with professional teachers who are willing to guide you and help you feel confident so that your learning journey can be more effective while you truly enjoy the process of becoming fluent in the language.

Our Values

Every member of Global is trained to achieve our students’ happiness through a customized service of high quality. This mindset is fuelled by 4 key values that shape Global Spanish personality, and guide us in the pursuit to provide our students with the most effective Spanish learning experience.

Shared Values Is What Makes Us Unique

Our Spanish Teachers Values - Global Spanish
  • Global Culture
    Self-expression as autonomous beings and homogeneity as a multicultural team, create an environment of awareness that allows us to better understand and adjust to the personalities and goals of our students in the language.
  • Creativity
    We refuse to be monotonous! Instead, we foster innovation in an individual approach for each student, which ensures productive and consistent learning.
  • Commitment
    At Global, we are committed to one another and to our students’ goals. Every class is purposely designed to represent a step closer towards their accomplishments.
  • Trust
    Our teams are synced so that the learning process is carried out accordingly. For this reason, students make requests or expose their doubts without hesitation because they know we will be happy to help them in anything they need.

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Our Story In A Nutshell

Gabriela Vivas founded Global Spanish under the name of iAmigo School with the premise that fostering a friendly environment will make language learning easier and more enjoyable. And she was right!

But by delivering the service, she realized that the company was evolving and had the potential to provide, not only the knowledge of a language but a greater cultural exchange between teachers in Latin America and the rest of the world. So she teamed up with Mary Quevedo, expanded the vision, and called it Global Spanish.

Nowadays, they help students from all around the world reach fluency in the Spanish language, by offering them a fully personalized experience with Latin cultures and a variety of subjects.



We’ve Guided Students From Around The Globe

Thanks to our open program and multicultural talent, we have the honour of providing our service to students of all ages and from countries from the five continents.
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