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Hi I'm gaby vivas

Our Founder's Story In A Nutshell

I'm Gaby Vivas. I am orignially from Venezuela, and before founding Global Spanish and Global Portuguese, I worked as a teacher and translator across the globe.

I am a polyglot and speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Greek, and Russian.

I actually understand what you are going through.

I know how difficult it can be showing up in a new country…

Unable to communicate...

Unable to speak the language...

Unable to get things done...

My goal and promise to you is simple...

To get you speaking conversational Spanish FAST.

Why People Choose Us

Language immersion is an individual experience

At Global Spanish, we make sure your journey is fulfilled with meaningful cultural exchange where a complex language can become a starting part for friendship and new life opportunities.

This has been key to our students’ success and why we are so different.

We refuse to be monotonous!  

Instead, we encourage innovation and an individual approach to learning for each of our students which ensures productive and consistent learning. We are committed to our students… 

And every class, every interaction will bring you closer to fluency.

What we offer

The Best Spanish Language School

When you learn with us, not only will you speak the language FAST... But you will also enjoy the process. This is our promise to you.

Years of Teaching Experience
Image of happy young woman sitting at the kitchen in home. Looking aside chatting by laptop computer.